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I am a Cheshire lass who moved to Darwen, Lancashire 5 years ago.  Whilst holding down a full time job having found it difficult to find alternative gifts, i began trading at the weekends within my local market hall.  Wanting to share my passion for finding or on occasions hand crafting bespoke alternative gifts i also commenced trading within Botany Bay Chorley to ensure Loz's Personal Gifts sold further a field. 
2018 I began trading end of each month at the Makers Market Lowry Salford Quays and every Saturday at Hebden Bridge market.  Annually at Skipton and Chorley Flower show this has enabled me to take my gifts to the high streets.

Whilst continuing trading at Makers Market Salford Quays, Sale and Warrington in 2019 I moved my business into a shop on Duckworth Street Darwen trading alongside Dressing Room 12.

Noticing there were such beautiful fabrics available i now also focus on making bespoke hand crafted cushions.
Supplied with inner cushions of either quality down or polyester. 
Due to demand i also offer a service to make cushions to order with customer fabrics.

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